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     Altruismed was created to initiate and spread kind acts, but also to study how the simplest of kind interactions between strangers can evolve into great altruistic actions, feelings and events.

     Similar to the butterfly effect, one small kind act has massive potential. The act of selfless giving creates happiness, peace, and harmony; wonderful feelings that should be shared.

     In my quest to research, document and share altruistic feelings, I started by randomly and secretly treating someone to breakfast, leaving a business card sized note: " How far can one act of kindness reach?" (News/Blog 6-11-09) but an accidental encounter (detailed on the Altruisms page) that may have saved someone's life was the true inception of this life changing experience; an experience that I hope will continue on and someday be a worldwide effort in kindness.

     As recipients of an Altruism or those who would like to start an Altruism visit the site, they are asked to pass on a card accompanied by any act of kindness.  They are also asked to e-mail any feelings they have about being Altruismed or passing it on.